Survival Gear: What You Need To Carry

You will need survival gear such as an OTF knife, no matter if you are hiking or camping in the backcountry. These items will protect you from the elements, keep your warm, and help you find food and water if it gets dark. These items can also be used to contact rescue crews. You could be in serious trouble if your survival gear is not present.

OTF knife

A fire starter is an essential piece of survival gear. A fire starter will help you cook food and boil water, two things you’ll need to survive in the backcountry. If you’re camping or hiking in a desert, you’ll also want to have more sunscreen, water purification tablets, and anti-fungal cream. This gear can help you stay warm in colder areas.

A tarp is another piece of survival gear you should have. This will provide shelter, and it can also be used to collect drinking water and as a ground pad for your tent.

Radios are another important piece of survival gear. It can be used to get weather forecasts and local information. A whistle is a useful tool to alert wildlife and call for help.

If you’re planning on going camping, be sure to carry a small flashlight. A headlamp is also necessary if you’re going on a day hike. A small amount of duct tape is also a good idea, which can be used as a band-aid or to close any wounds with uneven edges.

A medical kit can be added to your survival gear. This will be important in an emergency situation, and it can help you support fractures, wounds, and other injuries. You’ll also want to carry gauze pads and Band-Aids. You can also add alcohol prep pad, which can be used in many different ways.

A space blanket is another piece of survival gear you might want to consider. These blankets are lightweight and can be used by one person. They also have a mirror on them, which you can use to see your surroundings. In addition, while you are in the great outdoors, you could still make money simply by playing your favorite casino games via

A survival rope bracelet made of high-strength paracord is also a must-have. This rope can be wrapped around your wrist and used to secure your gear, or it can be used for fishing. Paracord can also be used to sew thread or make a fire starter. To make a stronger rope, you can braid it.

You should also consider carrying a floating bag. Float bags are designed to be used as survival gear, and they can also be used for water activities. They have a small carrying case inside. You can store your survival gear in this case, and then you can put it in the float bag after you’re done.

You want to buy survival gear that is reliable, high-quality and affordable. Check out the popularity and reputation of the gear before you make a purchase.

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