What Apartment Can I Afford?

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Every person dreams of having a place they can call home. From a billionaire to a person with minimal wages, every person has an aspiration in their life to have a house of their own where they can be themselves, away from the rest of the world in their cocoon. However, one of the problems that people face is the budget. With rent and increase in taxes, it has become harder day by day to afford a place of their own. According to statistics, 30% of an average person’s income goes into paying rent, which takes away financial backup for trips and other leisure activities. Therefore, it becomes important for one to own their place without fear of paying rent and maintaining it. To have an apartment of ones own makes one feel free to do anything in their own space. To help with rent payments, you could always play บาคาร่า on your free time.

Therefore, the affordability of an apartment depends on different people. Thus, one can discuss here what apartment can I afford based on different budgets. But before that, one needs to know that not every place that will be your home can be easily available to you at the same price in the same place. One needs to go through certain permutations and combinations to get their shell. Sometimes this can also involve moving from one city to another. Here are several things you need to take under consideration before you can choose an apartment.


One of the first steps to call home is a value you are ready to pay for it. Budget plays a very important role in deciding where one should live. For instance, a person living in New York cannot expect to have a budget for living in Ohio. The reason being that places play a major role in budgeting your place. So before buying an apartment, make sure to align certain things. Along with this, take a short-term moving budget. This includes


  • Monthly income
  • Savings
  • Additional monthly costs such as electricity bill, water, food supplies etc.
  • Furniture

When one decides to buy a place, it is important to know about the loans and schemes one can make to make their space as affordable as they can. In case you have covered all of the major expenses and have enough saving to buy the apartment of your budget, you need to move to the other step.


Before considering an apartment, make sure to check the place. How far is it from your work? Is there any mode of public transport of metro to travel to work? In case you have a personal car. Is it manageable for you to travel the distance?

One more important thing before one considers moving into an apartment is to check the locality. Always remember that before buying an apartment. One should keep in mind the 10-year plan. A 10-year plan consists of various facilities like a park, gym, school,s and hospitals nearby to be reasonable and safe. Before closing the deal, make sure to talk to people who have been living in the same locality.

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