How to Coach Hockey

Claude Julien, Michael Ryder posing for the camera

Being a hockey coach is a challenging job when you need to teach your team from the start. You just need to assume that your team needs all the basic treatment and learning of the particular sport. The advantage of being a coach is that you could tell how the game would play out giving you the edge you need if you decide to play sports betting via This totally depends on your efforts which can make your team a success or a failure. You must remember that all the blame will be yours if your team proves to be a loser. It is therefore necessary for you to start with basics and teach your team all the essential things that are needed in hockey. Here are the necessary steps that will help you to coach hockey better.

  1. First of all whether you are training children or adults, you should be consistent and develop a proper routine. You should fix the time for practicing and try to stick to it as much as possible. Practicing is a must which makes great teams become stronger; this is therefore a very essential step for you and your team to help them grow stronger in time.
  2. You should be highly efficient to handle all the day-to-day administrative duties of your job. This is must for you as you are the only person who would be able to look at it efficiently. Even if you are just a junior coach, there are many other administrative duties that are quite important and should be handled efficiently. This may not be to your liking but it is an important part that cannot be left un-administered.
  3. Also you have to learn proper strategies on how to educate each and every sport person in your team. Each player is responsible for success or failure and needs proper focusing. This will efficiently refine your team’s skill and every player can prove to be a good performer. It is therefore said that great performance of each individual is vital in developing a great team.
  4. You then need to teach your team about how to quickly move from offence to defense positions in order to keep an eye on the puck. You should effectively adjust your offensive tactics, defense and special team lines as different players advance in skill.
  5. Next you should also focus on giving proper training to your goalies so that they defend your defensive zone better. One of the best techniques used is butterfly technique that helps the goalie to spread their arms and legs so as to cover as much of the goal as possible.
  6. You should in all focus on developing strong fundamentals of your team. This includes skating (when coaching for ice hockey), puck-handling, shooting, passing, and defense. You could even practice using skates from during off season. 

Perfect coaching delivered to your team helps you to develop better team concepts like offensive and defensive plays with all the basic and specific game situations as well. This all ends up in preparing a great team that has brilliant chemistry between each and every player of the team. With this and much more you can be an effective and efficient hockey coach that can maximize the performance of your team.

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