The Tennis Serve: Why You Need a Good One

A woman with a racket

The serve. It’s one of the most important shots in tennis, and you need to be able to hit a good one if you want to advance your tennis skills. It is possible that you don’t understand why having a credible serve is such a must in the tennis world. If you enjoy tennis might as well earn money by playing simple and interactive betting games atวิเคราะห์แนวโน้ม-ufabet/ This article will help you understand why.

It’s All On You

All other shots in tennis are reactionary. You have to perform in response to what how and where the opponent hits the ball. The serve is the one shot in tennis that you initiate totally on your own. This is why the shot is such a big deal. You can either give your opponent and handful…or a hand out. Find a champion that has a sub par serve and…oh, there isn’t one.

The serve is also a shot that you can practice all by yourself. Your serve is only as good as you make it. Clearly, factors like height and flexibility aren’t things you can control. However, you can always control how well you hit your shot.

It Sets Up the Point

The serve is what makes the rest of the players strategy work. Can you imagine Pete Sampras serving and volleying with a powder puff serve? It just doesn’t work.

That doesn’t mean that you have to always have a bomb of a serve to play good ball. Look at Andre Agassi. Even though his serve got better as the years went on, he was never known for a high ace count. Instead, he used his serve to set up the rest of his game. For example, Agassi would hit a kick serve out wide to open up the court for his next shot.

It Gives You Confidence

Usually, if a person’s serve isn’t working, the rest of their game drops a few levels as well. Again, since the serve is so important, it can either lower your confidence if the shot isn’t clicking, or raise it if it’s working correctly.

It Can Rescue You

If you have a good serve, you can get yourself out of some sticky match situations. It isn’t even all about hitting your serve hard as it is about placing it well. Roger Federer can crank his serve into the 130s, but it’s the placement that gets most of those aces. If you’re down, it’s an awesome thing to call on a well hit serve to get back into a game.

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