Cool Super Bowl Party Games: Create A Super Fun Party With Football Games Fun For Everyone

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Many people like to watch the biggest football game of the year with friends, and with good reason. The Super Bowl is a big game and all of the hoopla around it creates a fun atmosphere from the start. If you are throwing a Super Bowl party, then add in some games that are sure to be fun for the whole crowd and while you’re at it, you could also play some fun บาคาร่า online. 

Super Bowl Squares

These are a “must have” at any Super Bowl get together because they are the most fundamental and most required of the Super Bowl party game . You really can’t have a party without these, though they do require a little bit of preparation up front.

You can create a grid of squares ahead of time (tip: you can find a template online if you need it) and then let people buy their squares. Then you draw numbers to go across the top and the side so that each person ends up with a number series that hopefully matches up with the score at the end of each quarter. The person who has the last digits of the score at the end of that quarter wins the pot of money. This can be fun and easy, and gets people really involved with the game. You just have to include these if you plan on having any football party idea.

Commercial Fun

Get everyone involved in all the fun of the commercials. While you are watching the fun commercials on television that the crowd surely looks forward to, you have to work as teams to create your own funny commercial entertaining.

You can include props for the teams to use and if you really want to bump up the fun then you can draw three adjectives or products that each team must use in their own commercial. This can be fun and is geared around one of the most important parts of the day. So much fun for everyone!

Drinking Games

As this is an affair for adults, you can include some really fun drinking games. To turn this into one of the most enjoyable Super Bowl party games, all you have to do is cater everything around the theme.

You can set up some ground rules such as every time somebody scores a touchdown, everyone has to take a drink. You can say that each time you see a dog in a commercial, you take a drink. This can be fun and get all the adults involved as they intensely watch what’s going on to see when they have to take a drink. Fun for the adult crowd for sure!

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