Best Mouse To Use And Its Features

Ultra Thin Spectrum-Colored Mouse Mat

The mouse pads are considered basic but one of the most crucial elements a gaming guru should own. Here we will discuss the same by looking at different gaming mouse pads and comparing them in terms of sizes, shapes, and quality. We would also be looking at their prizes and their availability through websites such as

1) Razer Sphex V2

Razer Sphex, unlike the amazons basics and Corsair, is not a soft based pad. It is a hard mouse pad, which is constructed of Polycarbonate and multi-use adhesive. It is extremely thin and has a height of 0.5mm. In terms of look, it is unique as it consists of several coloured blacks, which give a very good look. What makes this mouse pad a big deal is that the adhesive can stick to any surface. Thus, providing stability, it can also be removed and attached to surfaces without losing its adhesive properties.

It may be having a very innovative grip, but it lacks in terms of comfort. Due to its stability, it becomes hard to move writs around. Some people, they may find this pad very thin. However, its thickness lies in providing ideal optical and laser sensors. This is perfect for when you are playing some fun sports betting games via 겜블시티 가입방법.

2) HyperX Fury S

When it comes to gaming, both speed and control act like the two pillars for a successful game; therefore, there are multiple types of people who play games that require speed to be the important feature to win the game, which requires control aspect of the game. However, a gamer can be both. Therefore, HyperX brings their premium mouse pad which promises to offer both speeds and control through their combo pack. In terms of quality, it requires minimal cleaning because of the cloth and rubber surface. Its surface is also compatible with both laser and optical mice. It comes with a 2-year warranty which covers you for some time and can keep you fully involved in the game without thinking of the damage.

The only kind of cons observed is the mild chemical odour because of the rubber surface and the thin aspect, making it less stable on the surface.

3) Glorious extended Mouse Mat

It was not long since the company has been established. They started with their gaming accessories and what surprises us is the quality of the mats. It is one of the best qualities with a good price. The size of the mat is so nice that a keyboard can easily be fit into this and still be left with space. It is everything about qualities, and it is anti-fraying edges with waterproof and machine washable surface. For a new company, they have done very well for themselves, especially when it comes to the mouse mats.

However, despite all the premium qualities, it is very easy to be stained. For some people, it is too wide therefore demands a lot of space. Overall, they have tried their level best to make their name and succeeded in their mats.

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